Monday, February 19, 2007

Petal Perfect

I've been such a huge slacker with this blog lately. I've just been so busy, and I'm pretty sure most clients would be happier with their galleries online that to see an update of the blog.

I had a sweet, sweet session today with this adorable baby girl. I think I'm in love. Look at that skin!


Heather said...

What a beautiful baby!! But I'm a little biased. I happen to be Madeline's auntie who lives a long way away. So I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery!! Thanks for taking the time with my niece! I know the family had a great time!

Tina said...

I concur with Auntie Heather. What a sweetheart! We've all been anxiously awaiting her arrival. Thanks for giving those of us who are not so close in proximity such a beautiful sneak peak!