Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sugar Shack Cakes

My daughter Charlotte turned 1 years old last Saturday. Since she is a charter member of the Second Child Society, I procrastinated and neglected almost everything about the party. But from procrastination comes great things!
It was too late to get a cake from my usual place, so I tried something new that I saw at the Calgary's Child fun fair this spring.
Sugar Shack Cakes was absolutely awesome. Not only is the name great (heh heh), but the designs are so cute and the ordering system is extremely easy to navigate. Of course, the proof is in the puddi - er, cake. It was bar none the best cake I think I've ever had. And I am a cake snob. I like cake, and since I don't like frosting, it must be gooood cake. Well not only was this cake delicious, but the frosting was really yummy too!
Next time you need a cake for any reason, check out Sugar Shack cakes. You won't be disappointed.

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domenica said...

Lisa rocks! I have used her corporately & personally- love her! We already have her booked for Isabella's party next month.

And, Happy belated to Charlotte- I cannot believe she is already 1! :)